April 2018 Message from Fleet Commander

(This article appeared in the Winter/Spring 2018 edition of the Starfleet Command Q1 newsletter.)


Here we are in 2018! If the winter will ever leave, we can start getting on with the summer. Lots of fun stuff to do coming up. We have the Mid-Year Meeting at In-conjuction, the Starbase 06 Camping trip, election of the next Starfleet Command Fleet Commander and Trek Fest among many other things.

One of the changes that I would like to make over the course of the summer, we will slowly be changing the Information Technology Dept to the more simply named Communications. The email address will change from Chief Information Technology or CIT@ to Chief of Communications or COC@ how-ever both emails will work. With this small change the Communications Dept will focus on information to the membership and the CPA or Chief of Public Affairs will focus how getting our information to those that are not members.

One of the things that I mentioned above, this is an election year for Starfleet Command’s next Fleet Admiral. How to nominate and who can be nominated can be found in this newsletter as well as our AFED. Once you read that information and you if are eligible to do so, you may submit those nominations to Fleet Elections Officer, VADM Lee V Schmidt at lvsmo135@juno.com.

For those that contacted me asking and encouraging me to run again, I thank you very much. I was surprised (and frankly humbled) by the number of you that asked. However for me to be a good Fleet Commander, I’ve got to want to do the job. I’ve been thinking about it since the first nomination at Starbase Indy during the announcement about it being an election year. After some long serious thought, I’ve decided, I will run again. I’m still having fun and I still have goals that I want to accomplish. I want to take all that I learned in the first term and use it to make an even better one. It helps that I have such a great team around me. One person could not do this alone

December 2017 Newsletter Available Online

The December 2017 edition of the Starfleet Command Q1 Newsletter is available for download now — click to download.

In this issue you will find the 2017 Fleet Awards and a report of the ships that have achieved merit status. There are reports on Dragon Con 2017, the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour, and more.

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From Fleet Commander Mark Williams

(This article appeared in the Winter/Spring 2016 edition of the Starfleet Command Q1 newsletter.)

FADM-WilliamsIt is hard to believe it’s been a year, but it has. Starbase Indy marked my first year as the Fleet Commander for Starfleet Command. One of the things I’d like to start off with is the missing December SFC Newsletter. To me, one of my main jobs here is to balance the wants with the needs. The costs have risen for the newsletter a great deal in the last year alone, plus add the fact that the new layout was so well received by the membership. More of the printing has had to go to print shops, and less has been done in‐house by members. Yes, we do have a treasury, but free spending could deplete what was gained by so much hard work during the FADM Jackson term. So, in December planning, prices, format, etc. took its toll and we didn’t get it out. The good news is that it allowed ADM Sams (Chief of Public Affairs) and I time to investigate more options and I think that we can now bring you a nicer newsletter and at a reasonable cost.

2015 was also an interesting year in membership. Some of the growth in the smaller ships was interesting to watch. Many ships changed class due to losing or gaining members. There were outstanding displays of charity work, both by ship and individuals. During the meeting to vote for awards, some people and ships won by only 1 point, it was so close.

Very soon the fleet store will be restocked and the long wait to receive your merchandise will be greatly reduced. The mom‐and-pop shop that we deal with can be slow, but they are also willing to do small orders. However, small orders do not take precedence. By ordering in larger quantities of stock, we will greatly reduce or eliminate this problem. And, you might need some SFC gear for something coming up soon….

I’d like to make a quick note of congratulations to the CO of the USS Moore, for breaking into the large ship category. Based out of the Lafayette, IN area, they have been doing some good work up there.

FADM Mark A. Williams
Fleet Commander
Starfleet Command, Quadrant One

Winter/Spring 2016 Newsletter Available Now!

The Winter/Spring 2016 edition of the Starfleet Command Q1 Newsletter is available now — click to download.

This issue features the awards given by Starfleet Command in 2015. Awards in a full dozen categories were presented to individuals, ships, and more.

Also featured in the edition is a profile of Captain Rose Ciccarone and an article on Star Trek simulation in an online virtual world, by Fleet Chaplain Rev. Dénes House.

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