Starfleet Academy

photo-starfleet-academy-mottoThe primary mission of Starfleet Academy is to educate our members so they are better prepared to serve their units, Starfleet Command, and all fandom.

We serve as a knowledge resource in many areas including (but not limited to) science, astronomy, Star Trek trivia, and Naval history.

All new Starfleet Command Quadrant One members start as enlisted recruits in their local units. (If under the age of 10, they begin as midshipmen). Once a recruit turns 16, he / she can enroll in Officer Candidate School (OCS).

To successfully complete OCS, the candidate must take two exams:

  • the core exam, and
  • their respective departmental exam (Communications, Marine, Operations, Search and Rescue, Engineering, Medical, Science or Security)

The exams are only available by contacting the Commandant of Starfleet Academy. The candidate must earn a score of at least 50% on each exam and a combined score of no less than 75%.  At this point, we will recommend a promotion to Ensign (Marine 2nd Lt).  If a candidate achieves a perfect score on both, a rank of Lieutenant junior grade (Marine 1st Lt) will be awarded.

Once an officer, a member wishing to start their own unit or eventually move into unit command / fleet leadership positions must complete SFC Command School.

Members can also take STEP (Star Trek Episode Probe) exams by email. Click to learn more about STEPs.

We are here for you if you have any questions regarding Starfleet Academy, specific tests, test questions, protocols, or if you have comments to improve the academy or our web site.

The motto of Starfleet Academy, as taken from Star Trek canon, is Ex Astris, Scientia which is Latin for “From the stars, knowledge.”

GEN Derek Sauls is the Commandant, Starfleet Academy

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