These are the ships and ship-like entities, including Planetary Outposts, Ship Yards and Space Stations, of Starfleet Quadrant One, organized by Starbase and showing ship’s name and registration, location, and captain’s rank and name.

Ships’ names that are underlined are linked to the ship’s website.

Starbase 02

USS Henry Hudson NCC-1611, Poughkeepsie, NY
CAPT Lee Starshine

USS Independence NCC-41452, Seymour, CT
LT DeBlasi

USS Roanoke NCC-2279, Online
LTJG Shane Eaton

Starbase 03

Canada Station, Victoria, BC Canada

USS Hawkeye NCC-1776, Ottumwa, IA

USS Iowa NCC-74261, Ames, IA
LT Webster

USS Mighty Mississippi NCC-201151-A, Davenport, IA
CAPT Ciccarone

USS Nyota Uhura NCC-126, Wichita, KS
LTJG Richards

ISS Planetary Outpost 5A, Everett, WA
CMDR Rorrim

USS Ranger NCC-63599, Ferguson, MO

USS Sovereign NCC-3050, Longview, WA
LTJG Delsa

USS Starfire NCC-1892-D, Peoria, IL
CAPT Kruger

USS Warlock. Parry Sound, ONT Canada
CAPT Starkey

USS Wasp NCC-9107-A, Canyon Country, CA
CAPT Griffin

USS Willamette NCC-9305-A, Maryville, MO
COMM Cline

USS William Wallace NCC-2555, Joplin, MO
RADM Brown

USS Winfield Scott NCC-828211, Davenport, IA
CAPT Raley

Thompson Ship Yard, Coal Valley, IL
LTJG Thompson

Starbase 04

USS Eclipse NCC-75439, Ocala, FL

USS Terminus NCC-42063, Atlanta, GA
COMM Campbell

USS Tranquility NCC-1602-A, New Bern, NC
LT Banks

Starbase 05

USS Armstrong NCC-1769-C, Dayton, OH
CAPT Payne

USS Bismarck NCC-1797-E, Middletown, OH

USS Melbourne NCC-62043, Cold Spring, KY
CAPT Lauer

USS Yorktown NCC-1704-A, Cincinnati, OH
COMM Boehm

Starbase 06

USS Adventure NCC-22024, Carmel, IN

USS Brightstar NCC-1880, Indianapolis, IN
CAPT Henderson

USS Defiant NCC-1630-E, Marion, IN
RADM Bartle

USS Endeavour NCC-1508, Alexandria, IN
ADM Jackson

USS Halsey NCC-2868-A, Indianapolis, IN
VADM Bischoff

USS Indianapolis NCC-1945-D, Indianapolis, IN
COMM Mike Riley

USS Moore NCC-17015, West Lafayette, IN
CAPT Brown

USS Reliant NCC-1864-D, Peru, IN
ADM Eller

Flagship of
Fleet Commander

USS Endeavour
FADM Mark Williams

five year mission