Fleet Marines

d sauls The 1STMARDIV is the ground, atmospheric and close planetary support and combat elements of Starfleet Command Quadrant One – the oldest Star Trek fan club association in the world.

While many different Terran nation-states had marine components of their armed forces prior to World War III, no one national military organization survived the “Decade of Horrors”. The Starfleet Command Quadrant One Fleet Marines unit emerged from the reorganization of the Military Assault Command Operations (M.A.C.O.) forces after the Charter of Federation of Planets in 2161. M.A.C.O. detachments served all over the Earth and her colonies after the invention of warp drive by Dr. Zefram Cochrane. A M.A.C.O. detachment served in deep space aboard the first Warp 5-capable vessel – USS Enterprise (NX-01) in the 2150s.

In roleplay, 1STMARDIV utilizes Fleet warp-capable starships to transport our units, weapons and support equipment to the operating areas where we’re required.

Our mission is to establish sustained combat operations, maintain a supply conduit from our support bases in Quadrant One and execute the mission until such a time as the objective(s) change(s) or the objective(s) is/are met. In the fan organization environment, 1STMARDIV is an affiliate with our own ranks, awards, rules, elemental sub-branches, and uniforms for those SFC members who desire a more military flavor to their sci-fi fandom.

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Starfleet Command Quadrant One members who are interested in applying to join the Fleet Marines can contact D. Firehawk Sauls.

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