SPAR III Archive

SPAR III ReportsSPAR III Reports are a monthly summary of activity throughout Starfleet Command.

SPAR I Reports are prepared by the individual units and submitted to the Starbase Commander monthly. Each Starbase Commander then prepares a summary in the form of a SPAR II report. The Deputy Fleet Commander creates a SPAR III report of significant Quadrant-wide activities for the Admiralty Board, for publication to the Quadrants.

SPAR III Reports are stored in the “Files” section of the main Yahoo Group, “Starfleetint”. They are viewable by members of this Yahoo group only. Members can apply to join the group, and new members will receive an invitation to join automatically.

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Please note that the posting of SPAR III run approximately 3 months behind the current date. For example, a ship sends the SPAR I for the activates in the month of December, to their respective Starbase Commander in early January. The Starbase Commanders send their SPAR II on to the Deputy Fleet Commander late January. The Deputy Fleet Commander posts the SPAR III early February.

The annual Fleet Awards are based heavily on the contents of the SPAR III Reports.

SPAR III are in PDF. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download Adobe Reader for free.