trek4October, 1974 – Starfleet Command, an international Star Trek fan club, is founded in Lufkin, Texas USA.

Starfleet Command (SFC) is at the forefront of Star Trek organizations dedicated to space exploration. We are a fan club where friends come together to share their love of science fiction, science fact, and for some, a chance to dream of being a part of the Star Trek universe.

We support many local and national charities, attend conventions, and hold yearly meetings. Our organizational structure is patterned after the Star Trek television series. Members belong to units (ships); each ship, in turn, is part of a region or Starbase. Each Starbase belongs to a central authority, a Quadrant that is governed by an Admiralty Board.

Many science fiction stars belong to our organization. Below is a listing of some of the stars who all hold the rank of Honorary Captain within Starfleet Command:

William Shatner Jonathon Frakes Richard Hatch
Grace Lee Whitney Jason Carter Richard Biggs
J.G. Hertzler Robert O’Reilly Vaughn Armstrong
Rene M. Auberjonois Diane L. Carey Jimmy Doohan
James Horan Herbert Jefferson Jr. Ann Lockhart
Barbara Luna Chase Masterson Gates McFadden
Anthony Montgomery Nichelle Nichols France Nuyen
Eugene W. Roddenberry Jack Stauffer George Takei
Craig O. Thompson Deborah Downey Defazio-Lyons Nana Visitor
Tracy Scoggins Andrea Thompson Claudia Christian
Mary Oyaya John Noble Malachi Throne
Dean Haglund Keir Dullea Gary Jones
Carmen Argenziano Gary Lockwood Manu Intiraymi

A brief history of our organization would not be complete without sharing with you the contributions of several notable figures who have led our organization over the years. These include:

The first Fleet Admiral (FADM) FADM John Bradbury. During FADM Bradbury’s 3-year tenure, our fan club grew to 14 chapters across the United States.

FADM Adeline Longshaw was elected to replace the retiring FADM John Bradbury. During her 3-year tenure, SFC grew by leaps and bounds. Our organization became more structured, and a newsletter was developed. During this time I should note that Commodore John Wetsch opened Starfleet Academy.

In 1980 FADM Longshaw stepped down, and FADM John Wetsch was elected Chief of Staff (later to be changed to Commander in Chief) to take her place. FADM Wetsch made further improvements upon our organizational structure and fought hard to keep Starfleet Command true to her roots and the ideals portrayed in Star Trek.

1987 – FADM Don Dailey was elected Chief of Staff, and his contributions to our organization were immense. FADM Dailey was a strong leader who helped continue the good work of FADM Wetsch. He built SFC membership and improved the leadership structure of our organization.

1994-1997 were difficult times for SFC. Several leadership changes occurred, and membership within our club suffered.

1998-2002 FADM Paul Sundstrom was elected Chief of Fleet Operations. His tireless efforts energized Starfleet Command, and its membership grew under his leadership. Many former members returned to our club, ships were commissioned, and a treaty was signed with the Romulan Star Empire.

2003 – 2007 FADM Mark Bischoff took the reins of SFC and moved the club into the 21st century.

2007 – 2011 FADM Andy Sams is elected, and the torch passes to him.

2008 FADM Mark Bischoff is elected to the position of Commander in Chief by the three quadrants of Starfleet Command, a position last held by Don Dailey.

2011 – 2014 FADM James R Jackson is elected and takes office. Upon FADM Jackson taking office, for the first time since 1997, the Admiralty Board is not based out of Indianapolis, IN. Also noteworthy, is that with FADM Sams returning to be a CO of a local unit, the board also loses its last remaining member of the board that was formed by FADM Sundstrom in 1998.

January 2015 РFADM Mark Williams takes the helm of Starfleet Command Quadrant One.