Deputy Fleet Commander

The position of Deputy Fleet Commander is currently open. The DFC is designated as the second highest ranking officer in Quadrant One.

The Deputy Fleet Commander:

  • is the chief assistant to the Fleet Commander
  • is the vice¬†chairman of the Admiralty Board
  • is the chief investigating officer for quadrant activities
  • fulfills the office of the Fleet Commander in the absence of the incumbent Fleet¬†Commander
  • oversees the operations¬†of all Starfleet Command units and their related activities
  • receives reports from Starbases, and
  • responds to¬†quadrant internal and external communications concerning matters not specifically under¬†the jurisdiction of the Fleet Commander.

His duties include collecting the combined monthly Ship Periodic Activity Reports (SPAR IIs) from the Starbases and creating a SPAR III for Starfleet Command members. The SPAR III allows members to see what is happening on other ships, which could give them ideas for new activities. 

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