SFC-AFED-1Starfleet Command, a Star Trek fan club, was established in 1974 in North America. Since that time, our organization has grown to include chapters throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Our organizational structure is patterned after the classic Star Trek series. Currently we have three major Quadrants worldwide: Quadrant One (North America), Quadrant Two (United Kingdom and Europe) and Quadrant Three (Australia and Asia).

The main headquarters is located in the United States and is known as Quadrant One. True to the Star Trek series, we have military ranks; however, we are NOT a military organization.

The top post in Starfleet Command is the Commander-in-Chief. He/she is selected by consensus of the three governing Quadrant Admiralty Boards.

Each Quadrant is administered by an Admiralty Board or similar institution. The Admiralty Board serves the general membership and has several functions.

They include:

Ensure membership information is accurate and that new memberships/renewals are processed in a timely manner.

This website is for Starfleet Command Quadrant One, which encompasses North America (the United States of America, Canada and Mexico). Quadrant One is divided into geographical regions known as Starbases. Each Starbase has a commanding officer. All ships (units) in a particular area report monthly to their Starbase Commanding Officer.

They, in turn, submit reports to the Deputy Fleet Commander on the status of their region.

A word about units or ships. Ships are the most important asset in Starfleet Command.

Without ships, we as an organization could not exist.

Your ship will be your gateway to new friends, discovering new challenges and new frontiers. Individual units help with local and regional charities, hold regular meetings and publish newsletters. Learn more benefits of membership in Starfleet Command Quadrant One.

Your ship will provide a fun forum for you to share your love of Star Trek, science fiction, or space exploration.

Beam aboard and let the adventure begin!

Meet the Starfleet Command Quadrant One Admiralty Board.