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  Hey all,
        Sorry for being so late posting these last few newsletters. I had a lot of problems with my computer and connection but now I am up and running good. I would like to see more submissions from the Admiralty and also from the ships and Starbases. Your input and support is what will help make this newsletter great. Any member who wishes to submit an article is more than welcomed and yes I do screen them so try and keep them family friendly.

                                         Capt. Brad Barker





ADM Gary Barclay Chief of Public Affairs

Greetings and felicitations,

March is opening the door to spring. Now is a good time to plan on having more get-togethers with our fellow shipmates. Meetings are great. However, it is always a good idea to spend time with each other in a relaxed atmosphere where you can build friendship. We all have Star Trek in common so it is interesting to find out more about other members. Each of us brings a unique strength to share. This could even be helpful with solving a problem that you may have. There have been countless times where I was able to help or be helped by a fellow shipmate. I look at our club as an extended family.


The Galaxy-class USS Bismarck, NCC-1797-D, was commissioned on March 8, 1992, with a crew of 12. The USS Bismarck, NCC-1797-E, will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary in March, 2012. We want you to celebrate with us, relaxicon-style, at Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio, on Saturday, March 3rd, 2012.

Annual community service events include working with local food pantries, Big Brothers / Big Sisters, the March of Dimes, horseback-riding for the disabled, and local public access TV stations, just to name a few.

Even with its community service projects and fund-raisers, the ship and crew still enjoys away missions. Cedar Point, King’s Island, COSI, and other museums in Cincinnati and Dayton, and various SCI-FI and Star Trek conventions have been recurring favorites.

February Bowling Outing


Our first group outing of the year was a bowling event hosted by the USS Mighty Mississippi. On a very cold and windy February 11th, at 1 PM, we met at a local bowling alley to throw a few balls and cure the cabin fever that’s been building over the winter. While the outside temps dipped into the single digits with a wind chill factor, we remained warm, cozy and having a blast inside.

Those in attendance were, USS Mighty Mississippi CO Rose Compton and FO Ed Ciccarone. The guest of honor, Tom Webster, Captain of the USS Iowa, out of Slater Iowa, drove 2 ½ hours just to attend. Special guests were Aaron, Michelle and Lil Trent Clark. Aaron underwent a special R’uustai bonding ceremony joining with the house of Qorej. (Klingon Starship Moon Beast.) James Olson, our very own Fleet Captain of Star base 03 was present along with crew of the USS Lobo, represented by Captain Mike House, acting Captain Bill Van Brunt, Ambassadors Liz Robinson and Brad Smith.



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