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Hello to all,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving also congrats to all the awards winners. Great job guys.

Now enjoy the online newsletter and enjoy whichever Holiday you celebrate during the month of December and  have Happy New Year.

Captain Brad Barker









                      Admiral Mark Williams Deputy Fleet Commander


As reported at the yearly fleet meeting by FCDR Jackson, SFCQ1 is looking for a Chief of Information Technology.

Some things that would be required are:

1. The time to commit to a do the job when issues come up.

2. Website design helpful, but not a necessity as there is a position for Webmaster. However the position does require the C.I. T. to find and staff a webmaster.

3. Maintain the listserves (Yahoo Groups) and message boards. Note there is a Listserve Adm position currently filled by Commander Sylvester.

4. Maintain and watch over the pages that Starfleet Command Quadrant 1 has across the web.

5. Creation of others as needed.

6. Work with the Chief of Public Relations on information posted on these various sites mentioned in #4.

7. Required to vote on issues that time to time come up that require a vote by the Starfleet Command Admiralty Board.

8. Have and maintain an internet connection/computer since almost all duties of this position require the use of the internet/computer.

9. Be able to work with the membership concerning questions/problems.

10. Other duties as directed by the Starfleet Command Fleet Commander.

ADM M Williams
Deputy Fleet Commander
Acting CIT

The band Five Year Mission has joined SFC as a ship, so this makes this a starbase 06 event!


Saturday, December 15 at 9:00pm

The Melody Inn
Indianapolis, Indiana 46208
(317) 923-4707

The later show starts at 9:00

I'll see you there.


Congratulations to these Awards Winners for the year 2012

Heavy Ship of the Year

1st USS Endeavour
2nd USS Bismarck

Small Ship of the Year

1st USS Winfield Scott
2nd USS Celestria
3rd USS Indianapolis

Starbase of the Year

1st SB03
2nd SB05
3rd SB04

Senior Officer of the Year

1st Misty Jackson
2nd Mark Williams
3rd Kevin Johnson

Medium Ship of the Year

1st USS Gorkon
2nd USS Halsey

Junior Officer of the Year

1st Rose Compton
2nd William Chen
3rd Michael Payne

Newsletter of the Year

1st USS Endeavour
2nd Mighty Mississippi
3rd SB05

Website of the Year

1st USS Endeavour
2nd USS Indianapolis
3rd USS Bismarck

Paul A. Sundstrom Lifetime Achievement Award
Mark Bischoff







ADM Gary Barclay Chief of Public Affairs Starfleet Command Q1

Greetings and felicitations,

A couple of people have pointed out that it might be better for me to use salutations instead of felicitations in my greeting. I hope that the following will prove to be enlightening.

Star Trek: The Squire of Gothos

The Enterprise receives a message "Greetings and Felicitations," followed by "Hip hip hoorah. Tallyho."


December 2012 Star Trek convention
December 7-9 Steel City Con Monroeville Convention Center in Monroeville, Pa
Dwight Schultz and Alan Ruck (Captain Harriman)

Happenings in the fleet:

Boo at the Zoo, Niabi Zoo, October 2012
by Commodore Olson

Commodore Olson had the most fun at a multi-SFC chapter Halloween event, meant to benefit the Quad Cities’ (Davenport, IA, areas) Niabi Zoological Park, in Coal Valley, IL. He joined USS Mighty Mississippi’s Capt. Rose Compton, Ensign Les “Trip” Pullman III, and Crewmen Alex and Katie Haugen. USS Lobo had representatives, Captain Bill Van Brunt, Senior Advisor Capt. Mike House, and Ambassadors Liz Robinson and Brad Smith. They also had help from SFI’s USS Riverside, including CO TC Wilson, XO Aaron Clark and SFMC Lt. Dan Hill. Host for the group was David Baker, Operations manager for KALA-FM, Davenport, IA, who opened his “candy station” to the Halloween-oriented event.

No Tricks, only a “Trekker Treat”: From Left: At Table—SFMC Lt. Dan Hill, USS Riverside (SFI); Captain Bill Van Brunt, USS Lobo, “Jedi” Commodore JM Olson, Starbase 03; Commander Aaron Clark, USS Riverside (SFI); Captain Rose Compton, USS Mighty Mississippi.











Before and After: Left: Host David Baker, KALA-FM, Davenport, IA, and Les “Trip” Pullman III, USS Mighty Mississippi. Right: Runabout MightyM’s Captain Rose Compton and Les Pullman, aka Ernie, at the Boo at the Zoo event (Guess who got a lot of photo ops? Lol). Visible to left rear of photo is Capt. Mike House, USS Lobo, and Lt. Dan Hill, USS Riverside (SFI). Photos are by JM Olson.


DFC Mark Williams and COL D. "Firehawk" Sauls are at the TNG Season Two premier.


Star Wars vs Star Trek "Toys for Tots" charity bowling event By ADM Gary Barclay

Star Trek has won for the first time in 4 years. Fleet Commander Roy Jackson has led the way to victory with the highest score for our team. The USS Adventure, USS Endeavour, USS Indianapolis and USS Grokon were some of our ships that were there to represent Starfleet Command. The Star Trek rock band FIVE YEAR MISSION showed up to bowl and to donate $170 that they have raised. The U.S. Marine Corps had sent 3 Marines to collect donations. I want to thank everyone for making this a fun and worthy event.

ADM Gary Barclay is bestowing the award for the highest score on the winning team "Starfleet" to Fleet Admiral Roy Jackson as Dfc Williams watches in the background.

Email on the success of the Toys for Tots drive from one of the Marines!!

Hi Mary,

I wanted to email you and give you the numbers that we collected from the most awesome Star Wars vs Star Trek bowling outing. We did very well with it and according to SSgt V it was the best we have done at that event. And overall it was great. If you didn't notice, we kind of had a great time ourselves with everyone that was there. All three of us are big Star Wars fans and have been for some time. Ever since last year I have been talking about how great it was and made darn sure I was going to it this year and barring any unforseen happeneings next year, I will do it again.

The numbers you all donated to the community of Indianapolis are as follows:

$474 dollars

61 Toys

18 Books

And given more than a few of those were Star Wars related, by my mathematical calculations that about doubles it...haha!

Seriously though, thank all of you guys for being so generous, having a great sense of humor that we can relate to, and allowing us to take part in the festivities with you all once again.

The National Summit for SFCQ1

Starbase 06's Commodore Gary Bartles speaks as the Admiralty Board looks on at The National Summit for SFCQ1 at Starbase Indy, Indianapolis, IN, 11-25. — with Starbase 04's Commander Mary Miller, Chief of Financial Management ADM Tony Scott, Chief of Public Affairs ADM Gary Barclay, Deputy Fleet Commander Mark Williams, Fleet Commander FADM Roy Jackson, Commander-in-Chief (CinC) FADM Mark Bischoff, Chief of Command Staff ADM Tim Shell and Commandant Starfleet Academy ADM Rick Pinsky.





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