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    Greetings all,
          I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday. Here is 2 Trek versions of the night before Christmas.
 hope you guys enjoy them.

    Captain Brad Barker







ADM Gary Barclay Chief Of Public Affairs

Greetings and felicitations,

December is upon us. The Starfleet Command Annual Meeting will be held on SATURDAY, December 10, 2011 at the Marriott East in Indianapolis Indiana in the SECONDARY PROGRAMMING ROOM (Salon 7). It would behoove everyone to be at the meeting to see the awards handed out. This is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow Starfleet Command members better. Personal interaction is much better than cyberspace interaction. Maybe this would not apply to Sheldon Cooper.




Star Wars VS Star Trek Bowling Marine Toys for Tots charity event

When: Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Time: 6:00pm until 8:00pm

Where: Woodland Bowl 3421 E. 96th Street Indianapolis, IN 46240


$4.05 per person per game & $3.00 shoe rental

There will be 8 Star Wars people in costume with 4 from the Dark Side of the Force VS 4 from the Light Side of the Force. Also, there will be 8 Star Trek people in costume with 4 Klingons VS 4 Starfleet personnel.

The winner from the Star Wars side will bowl against the winner from the Star Trek side.

Be sure to come dressed in a Star Wars or a Star Trek costume and support your team. Cheerleaders will be there too!

Marine Toys for Tots will be there to collect toys or a cash donation.

NOTE: The team sizes can be adjusted as to the number of people who show up in costume and want to bowl.

December convention information:

December 3rd and 4th Lightspeed Fine Art's Twelfth Annual Celebrity Charity Benefit

Walter Koenig, Tim Russ, Bob Picardo, Richard Herd, Sally Kellerman, Denise Crosby, Connor Trinneer, Chase Masterson, Gwynyth Walsh, Crystal Allen and Vic Mignogna will be there.


December 9th-11th Starbase Indy Indianapolis Marriott East 7202 East 21st St. Indianapolis, IN 46219

John Billingsley, Tony Todd, Bonita Friedericy, Jay Acovone, Dean Haglund, David Reddick, Deborah Downey, Morgan Gendel, Five Year Mission and iL Troubadore will be there.


News from the fleet:

USS Yorktown report from Commodore Boehm



November 12: Wrap Party. Operation Christmas Child Shoe boxes get filled with toys and personal care items and then wrapped.

Our change dump will take place. All the change that the Yorktown crew saved all year will be dumped into a large popcorn can and then counted and wrapped. This change is used for adopting our two senior citizens for Christmas and to pay for the shipping and handling charges for the shoe boxes. These two projects are yearly events and will be held before we participate in game night.


October 15: Moon Glow putt-putt at 2pm in Eastgate Mall. A wonderful time was had by all. Fifteen people played.


October 29: Halloween Party at the home of CMDR Gary Himes. This is a closed event as Gary's place is very small.

November 12: Game night at the home of Capt. Stephen Berger.

November 19: Bowling/Bazaar. Yorktown is planning to attend a bazaar that will benefit St. Joseph Orphanage and then will bowl afterward.

December 10: Christmas party will take place in the home of COMM Chris Boehm.

In February of 2012, Commodore Boehm will be celebrating 20 years as the commanding officer of the USS Yorktown.

Commodore Boehm wishes to acknowledge the following members for their contributions:

Captain Stephen Berger: for the use of his home for events - many times at the last minute, being my sounding board, confidant and computer guru.

Commander Linda Berger for being our contact person: She's the one who gets on the phone and sets up the place and time for many of our events - especially bowling and the yearly pool/picnic party. She also does the shopping and drops off the gifts we bought for our adopted seniors to the organization that assigned us the names.

Commander Heather Blair-Collins and Commander Ramona Mueller, have been faithful, always giving of donations, time and energy to any project or away mission we have undertaken. They also have offered their home for some of our events and gone all out to make the event fun with games, prizes and funny favors paid for with their own money. (Ramona is Heather's Aunt) and what is even more amazing is in the 14 years they have been members, they probably have missed maybe three meetings.

Commander Gary Himes keeps this ship's finances in order. He came up with having a raffle at most of our meetings, with the ticket sales going to our treasury. He also has offered his home for events.

Captain Eunice McAleer, my first Officer, I can't say enough. She has picked me up when I was at my worst and stepped in with phone calls, letters and shopping (for our adopt-a-seniors and helping Commander Linda Berger to wrap the gifts for our seniors). She has put information out in emails, when I didn't feel up to doing it, and created our meeting agendas, printed them out and had them ready for meetings. She also has been my confidant, sounding board and head leveler.




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