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Hello to all,

My name is Brad Barker and I will be taking over the Webmaster Duties for Starfleet Command Quadrant 1.
I will be relieving a lot of stress and freeing up some time for Admiral Mark Williams so that he can do more
to support the fleet in his present position. All you Captains who wish to have thing put in the newsletter please
Send them to me at




Hello Fleet!

  Well, here we are in October! The end of the year meeting at Starbase Indy is just 2 months away!

  Something that I want to start covering each month is the many different ways that members of Starfleet Command have to communicate with each other. This month I will start with the one that is used the most by members of Starfleet Command Quadrant One.


Yahoo Groups

The Main Group

This link shown above is for the entire fleet. Only members of Starfleet Command are members, no one outside of the membership is allowed use. Any email sent though this group will be sent to all members of the group, all across the SFC Quadrant One area. Any member of the fleet can use it if they have something to share. If you are a member of this group you might perhaps receive an email informing you that the Fleet Newsletter is out, or a rule change, it could be anything really. Regardless, it is something that the entire fleet of SFCQ1 might have an interest in knowing relating to Starfleet Command or SfiFi in general. At the very least, the email should be something of a science fiction related nature. General random email is discouraged in order to keep the volume down, so no one’s inbox is inundated with emails. All Unit Commanding Officers, all Starbase Commanding Officers and Admiralty Board members ought to be members of this main group. Unit Commanding Officers should endeavor to make the crew of their respective units are members. This is an old tool for the sharing of information, yet is still remains as a simple and effective one.

Starbase Specific Yahoo Groups

Starbase 02

Starbase 03

Starbase 04

Starbase 05

Starbase 06

These groups, are for the most part, have members limited to that particular Starbase area. If you are a member of one of these groups you are more
then likely to receive information from your area’s Starbase Commander, or an event taking place in your area by a fellow unit in your Starbase area. Admiralty Board members, the area’s Starbase Commander, all Commanding Officers of local units in that Starbase area, should be members. Unit Commanding Officers should try to make sure that their respective crews sign up.

Admiral Mark Williams, Deputy Fleet Commander




Adm. Anthony Scott, Chief of Financial Records

  Report for the month of August, just CLICK ME





I would like to thank Starbase 5 and in particular, ADM Pinsky and the
crew from the USS Bismark for welcoming us to the museum, providing
our own personal tour guide and visiting with us during our day there.
The crew of the USS Gorkon enjoyed meeting many of Bismark's crew.  I
must say I think many on the Gorkon crew are still dreaming about
airplanes in their sleep!  What a magnificent museum this is.  It is
truly a treasure that hopefully will be here for many generations to

I would  also like to thank ADM M. Williams, LTjg Mary Miller, FCAPT
Bryan Detamore, and CAPT Derek Sauls, Starfleet International for
joining us on this trip.  It was great sharing this experience with
all of you.

Thank you all, it was truly a pleasure.
Commander Clara Trout, CO, USS Gorkon





Congratulations to Danielle Barker for scoring a perfect score of 100 on her
Academy exam at the age of 11 years old making her the youngest person
in the history of the USS Bismark to gain the rank of Lt Jg.
Also would like to congratulate Ensign Kelly for his promotion to Lt Jg
check out our Newsletter for more info on this and many other exciting things that
happened on the USS Bismark!



Did you know….? Rocker musician

Mick Fleetwood, drummer of 'Fleetwood Mac' fame; is a major Star Trek fan. He appeared as the Antedean ambassador
in ST TNG (Manhunt). He was later found to be the assassin. He also had a role in 'The Running Man' (w/Arnold Schwarzenegger) as a resistance leader.




Funny Trek Bumper stickers

 "Our other starship separates into 3 pieces!"
 "One photon torpedo can ruin your whole day...think about it"
"HONK if you've slept with Commander Riker!"
"Guns don't kill people...Class 2 Phasers do!"
"Zero to Warp 9.7 in 13 seconds!"
"CAUTION...We have a trigger happy Klingon at tactical."
 "If you can read this...don't you think you're a wee bit too close?"
"Have you hugged a Ferengi today?"
 "We brake for cubes!"
"Wesley On Board!"








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