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Hello everyone,

   I just wanted to take some time and remind everyone of a few things. Due to voting in September for fleet awards, (in order to make sure that there is time to have awards made, secure a meeting place, ect...) the yearly cycle of SPAR I's start in August and end in July. For example SPAR reports for the 2011 awards started August 2010 and ended July 2011.  With that in mind, If you didn't do everything that you wanted to get done last year, or your SPAR reporting was weak, now is the time to get yourself and your fellow crew members motivated! As I, and your appropriate Starbase Commander have been reminding everyone, when it comes time to vote for yearly awards, those SPAR I reports are what we have to go by. If you did it, we want to know it, so please take the time to send a SPAR I to your local Starbase Commander. You can find the SPAR I here, CLICK ME.

Mark Williams
Deputy Fleet Commander




Greetings and felicitations,

  September ushers in fall which begins in the Northern Hemisphere on September 23, 2011, at 5:05 A.M. The Autumnal Equinox: the word equinox comes from the Latin words for "equal night." The fall and spring equinoxes are the only days of the year in which the hours of day and night are equal as the sun crosses the celestial equator. We too here at Starfleet Command hope to bring balance into our memberís lives. Be sure to join in our activities so that we may bring sunshine and happiness into what may otherwise turn out to be a dreary drudgery day.

September sci-fi conventions

September 2-5 Dragon*Con @

September 24 ROC-CONSci-Fi Anime Con! @

September 24-25 Los Angeles Comic Con @

September 30-October 2 The Official Star Trek Convention CHICAGO, IL @


Starfleet Command Quadrant One Activity:

Star Wars vs Star Trek Bowling
Sponsored by Adm Gary Barclay.

  Please try to show up at the following bowling event dressed in a Star Trek costume or wearing your Starfleet Command apparel. Let us show the Star Wars club that we care. Speaking of caring, be sure to bring toys and or a cash donation for the Marine Toys for Tots program. I will be contacting the media outlets so this should be the biggest bowling event yet for Starfleet Command. This should be plenty of advanced notice so be sure to mark your calendars.

Time: Saturday, December 3rd 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: Woodland Bowl on the North Side of Indy
Lanes 29-32
$4.05 per person per game & $3.00 shoe rental.

There will be 8 Star Wars people in costume with 4 from the Dark Side of the Force VS 4 from the Light Side of the Force. Also, there will be 8 Star Trek people in costume with 4 Klingons VS 4 Starfleet personnel.
The winner of the from the Star Wars side will bowl against the winner of the Star Trek side.
Be sure to come dressed in a Star Wars or a Star Trek costume and support your team. Cheerleaders will be there too!
Marine Toys for Tots will be there to collect toys or a cash donation.




 From the Desk of the Acting Deputy Chief of Public Affairs:

  The summer is upon us and things are really getting started with all the different activities, conventions, cook outs and events that we all know and love. Starfleet Command is more than just a bunch of Star Trek fans. It is about the envisioning of a better future and the acceptance of imperfection in an imperfect reality.

What I am trying to get to is that a better future starts with a better beginning. The best way to do that is to share what we are doing to make our world, lives, or community better. Something that one ensign comes up with is something a captain may not have thought of. One ship may have a great idea that another ship had not considered. Or it might even be something that one ship is not capable of doing but another ship might be in a better position to attempt.

 This letter is to encourage everyone to do one thing and that is to brainstorm. The more ideas we have the more we work to that better future. Part of my task is to inform everyone of the big things the ships are doing or are apart of on a regular basis. I can best do that task by hearing from everyone on a regular basis.

So here is what I am doing. I am going to open the door and see what happens. I want everyone to come up with one idea of what one individual or a ship can do to help their fellow man or their community. When you have that idea, whether it be something you are already doing, or havenít quite figured out how to do it yet, email me. I will comprise a list of the ideas for presentation so that every Starbase has a copy which means just about everyone in Fleet should have an opportunity to view and review this list.

I hope that everyone takes this seriously and that I end up with a very full email box in just a couple of weeks.

Fred ďDariusĒ Monfeli
Acting Deputy Chief of Public Affairs
Email: DariusMonfeli



News from the Fleet:


USS Mighty Mississippi NCC 201151

We are the USS Mighty Mississippi NCC 201151. A Danube class runabout, serving Eastern Iowa. At this point, we are a crew of 2, but be forewarned... we are armed and ready to sail.

I am Rose Compton, and I will be commanding the vessel. My husband, Ed Ciccarone will act as my FO, my #1 and my partner in crime... oops... I meant partner in missions!! He's covering ops, while I cover everything other than ops! :)

If you are on FB, and we haven't yet sent you a friend request, please seek us out @ USS Might Mississippi. We will accept all friends of SFC!! ... If you're not on FB... You have to give us another 2 or 3 weeks to get up on yahoo. (but we will be here eventually!)


U.S.S. BRIGHTSTAR's latest edition of their newsletter the StarLight:

Click Here

U.S.S. HALSEY newsletter The FLIGHT DECK

Click Here


USS Halsey is participating in the annual plane wash at Grissom AND Base on September 24, noon - 4 pm.



As most know last year at the Star Base Indy 2010 convention the USS Gorkon headed up a canned food drive which was presented by Clara Trout, USS Gorkon to the SB6 Commander and approved as a SB6 Project by Gary Barclay.  This year the SB6 project was again supported by newly appointed RADM Gary Bartle and the USS Gorkon is heading up this project on behalf of SB6.  Ms. Kim Huff has supported this project during Star Base Indy for the 2nd year in a row and has graciously promoted this on their convention website.  Again this year, the goal is to fill a framed Borg cube with canned/non perishable donations from the SB6 ships and the conventionís many participants. However, this year in order to attempt to raise even more items I also challenged the Ohio Battle Group IKEF Klingons and anyone belonging to Star Fleet Command to step up and do their best to contribute to this worthy cause.  Last year the grand total of donations was 922 items!  922 items sounds like a lot but was a mere drop in the Borg cube! We are hoping to do better this year by filling the Borg cube completely to overflowing. So get out your communicatorís and transmit to everyone who will be attending the 2011 Star Base Indy convention to bring their donations to help make this an even better successful venture. All donations will be transported to Gleanerís Food Bank of Indiana.  I would like everyone to know, that Gleanerís Food Bank of Indiana was chosen as the beneficiary of the food drive because they supply many food banks, shelters and food pantries throughout the State of Indiana.  So, these items are NOT just for the Indianapolis area.  There is a nominal fee that Gleanerís of Indiana may charge to food banks, shelters or food pantries for delivery of the items to their locations.  This fee is necessary to cover transportation charges and storage fees for the items.  The Gleanerís warehouse has grown from an individual beginning this service from their garage into a state of the art facility.  If you would like to see the facility or volunteer to help for a day all help is appreciated.  You just need to contact Gleanerís Food Bank of Indiana to make the arrangements to volunteer or take a tour.  This facility handles refrigerated items, freezer items, as well as pantry shelf items.  There is upkeep, maintenance costs, utility charges, transportation costs of picking up items and delivering items (just to name a few).  When you think of these costs which are incurredÖI think that charging a fee is an understandable necessity.  I hope that everyone, will consider working together and making this a joint project that ALL of us can be proud of.  If you have questions or concerns please let RADM Bartle know or feel free to contact me CDR Clara Trout at or


Submitted by:  CDR Clara Trout, USS Gorkon Commanding


Starbase 06

Starbase 06 would like to announce our "Starbase 06 Logo Contest."  The winner's logo will be used on our website, newsletters, and awards. Anyone who lives in the State of Indiana and is an active member of Starfleet Command can enter. All entries must be turned in NO LATER THAN November 25th 2011, to allow time for proper judging. We will announce the winner at the fleet meeting in December at Starbase Indy.

Please submit your entry to both Gary Bartle at, and Bryan Detamore at .  I look forward to seeing your entries for this contest.

Captain Bryan Detamore


U.S.S. Endeavour

The USS Endeavour is celebrating its 8th anniversary this month.  Since her inception, in September of 2003, the USS Endeavour has had 9 babies born on board and has raised close to $10,000.00 for charities.  She has been commanded by three ship captains and had a recommisioning at her 5-year mark.  As the flag ship of Quadrant One, she currently has three active admirals on board, including FADM Roy Jackson.  The Admiralty Board would like to congratulate and thank the USS Endeavour for all her accomplishments.






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