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        ADM James (Roy) Jackson is elected Fleet Commander and takes
office on January 1st, 2011



Greetings Fleet,

  As your new Fleet Admiral, I wanted to take this opportunity to assure everyone that I take this position, along with its duties and responsibilities, very seriously.  If anyone has a concern; do not hesitate to bring it to me.  If I cannot answer
a question or resolve a situation, I will find someone who can.  My door will always be open.

 I would like to thank the following people for helping me establish my new board.  They have years of dedicated service and have proven to be invaluable assets to SFC in the past.  We have big plans for Starfleet Command and I see a very bright future indeed.

First, ADM Mark Williams as Deputy Fleet Commander, is from Indiana.
Second, ADM Vince Williams (no relation to Mark) as Chief of Membership Services, is from the Illinois.
Third, ADM Tony Scott as Chief of Financial Management, is from Kentucky.
Fourth, ADM Rick Pinsky as Commandant of Starfleet Academy, is from Ohio.

 The first few months will be a time of transition as I step into the big chair.  There are still a few Admiralty Board positions yet to fill and I urge anyone with interest to download the latest AFEDs and review the qualifications and duties from The positions are:  Chief of Command Staff, Chief of Information Technologies, and Chief of Public Affairs. 

 To apply for any of these positions, simply drop me an email through my page at When applying for a position I urge you to list not only your qualifications, but also explain how you expect to perform your duties in a timely manner. 

 I wish to thank the following Fleet Commanders for their inspiration and many words of wisdom.  FADM Don Daily, FADM Paul Sundstrom, FADM Mark Bischoff, and FADM Andy Sams.  Each have given me words of encouragement and explained pitfalls to avoid.  I appreciate the very large shoes they have left for me to fill.

Yours in Fleet,
FADM Roy Jackson,
Fleet Commander, SFC,Q1

ADM Mark Williams, former Chief of Information Technologies, moves up to Deputy Fleet Commander.


Hello Everyone,

   I wanted to take this opportunity to convey my appreciation for the trust that Fleet Admiral Jackson, and the rest of fleet has placed in me. I assure you, I will do my best to make sure that your trust is rewarded.  Back in 1992, four friends went to Indianapolis to see Jimmy Doohan. On the way out, there was an application for Starfleet Command on a small table. When I paid my dues, I would never have guessed that some 19 years later I would still be a member, much less the Deputy Fleet Commander.

  During my many years in Fleet, I have served on, in my humble opinion, two great ships, the USS Defiant and the USS Endeavour. I was the Chief of Security and First Officer on both. Along the way, I also served as the acting CO of the Defiant, Commanding Officer of Starbase 06, and as the Chief of Information Technologies on the Admiralty Board. I started with the Endeavour as a Marine, but was asked to move to Security and then to Operations and lastly to First Officer. I was, and still am, not one to worry about rank or position, but rather, where I can help the most. In fact Iíve made the rank of Captain twice!

  For those that do not know what the basic duties of the Deputy Fleet Commander are, let me give you an a few basic examples. The DFC is the second most powerful position on the Admiralty Board and is in charge of the Starbases. He is there to help the Starbases, and the ships under them.

  In closing, I hope that during my time as DFC I am able to meet as many members of the fleet as possible. To me, Starfleet Command has always been about the friendships that I have made along the way. I know without a doubt, that is why I am still here as a member and continue to serve.  

Deputy Fleet Commander,

ADM Mark Williams
Deputy Fleet Commander
Starfleet Command, Quadrant 1

Commodore Gary Barclay leaving Starbase 06 Command/Deputy Chief of Public Affairs to take over as Chief of Public Affairs


Greetings and salutations,

  The production, editing and distribution of the (Starfleet
Communications) newsletter along with other communications is my
responsibility. I have experience promoting the official Star Trek
club (Starfleet Command) and Star Trek through Facebook, MySpace,
Indianapolis TV channels 6, 23 and 59, the Howard Stern Radio Show,
three blogtalk radio shows and the newspaper media.

  My Star Trek adventure started by watching the original Star Trek
series as a child. This was followed up by watching all of the various
Star Trek TV series and movies. My Star Trek experience was greatly
enhanced by being recruited into the official Star trek club
(Starfleet Command) by FADM Roy Jackson who was the captain of the
U.S.S. Endeavour at that time. I have made many new friends through
Starfleet Command. We enjoy many activities like conventions, charity
events, movie nights, bowling, skating, karaoke, picnics and meetings.
also, we even help each other when someone is in need.

  I started out in security on the U.S.S. Endeavour. Later, I was
accepted into the position of commander of Starbase 06. Now, it is my
honor to be selected as the Chief of Public Affairs for Starfleet
Command Quadrant 1.

  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or have submissions for either the online or the hard copy newsletters.

Vice ADM Gary Barclay
Chief of Public Affairs
Starfleet Command, Quadrant 1

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