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Some General news
From the CIT Dept / Deputy Fleet Commander

Hello everyone,

   As still acting CIT I wanted to say that if you have not noticed, the last bit of the old website at is gone. All links to that redirect to the new site.

  Here are the current emails for all of the SFC Admiralty board CLICK ME The old starfleet-command ones will not work at this time. The only working one left is the one for PayPal payments. So, make sure to use the ones in the link above.

  One last thing I wanted to touch on is to thank the CO of the Gorkon for inviting myself and Fleet Commander Jackson to their Walk for Babies outing in Indianapolis April 30th. Working alongside with the CO of Starbase 06 and the SB 06 First Officer, they made it a very enjoyable time. My job was to had out granola bars and I think I did it well. LOL  Here are some photos from the event. Look for more on this in the July Fleet Hardcopy Newsletter.

From Left to right, FC Jackson,
DFC Williams, SB06 FO Detimore SB06 CO Bartle

Fleet Command James "Roy"

Member of the Klingon Group
il Troubadore

Deputy Fleet Commander,
Mark Williams



ADM Mark Williams
Deputy Fleet Command
Starfleet Command Quad 1

Get to know your Fleet
From the Public Affairs Dept

Vice Admiral Gary Barclay, Chief of Public Affairs

See you all next month.
No interview for April




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