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Hello and welcome to July! It was great to get to meet so many of you at the Mid-Year meeting. Congratulations to the winners of the door prizes. Don't forget that later this month that the SB 06 Dana Dugan Memorial Fleet Olympics will be taking place. More information on that below.

The following is from a post made though the yahoo groups by our C-N-C Mark Bischoff.

  "The 6th Annual Dana Dugan Memorial Olympics in SB-06 will be held on Saturday July 16, 2011; at Lieber State Park also known as Cagil Mill Reservoir. Traditionally many of us arrive on the Thursday before and camp through to Sunday; that would be the 14th 17th of July. As a group we normally camp in Poplar Grove Electric. We have made our reservation for site 55 and the Millhouse family is in site 51. Last I checked there were still several sites available in this immediate area. If you have not already done so please make your reservation as this area does fill up fast."




Greetings and felicitations,

  It is official. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has announced on June 21, 2011 that Walter Koenig will be getting a star on the Walk of Fame. He is the final major actor of the original Star Trek cast to receive a star. I had worked many hours asking people from MySpace, Starfleet Command and Starfleet International to write a nice letter, on Walter Koenig's behalf, to the Walk of Fame committee. Thank you everyone who took the time to help Walter Koenig.

    I have just added the Starfleet Command link to the SCI FI Web Channel @ so be sure to stop by and check out

   I want to offer my sincere apologies for leaving ADM Tim Shell out of the last hardcopy newsletter. It was a pleasure to meet ADM Shell in person at the last Starfleet Command Admiralty Board meeting. He is a very friendly and intelligent person.

ADM Tim Shell

  I would like to officially announce that Captain Fred Monfeli is now my Acting Deputy Chief of Public Affairs. He will be posting Starfleet Command information on various internet sites. Captain Monfeli has hit the ground running. He has already been doing a wonderful job of posting pertinent Starfleet Command information on various internet sites. I truly do appreciate his enthusiasm. Each time there is new information, he is posting it right away. This will be very helpful for the members of Starfleet Command and the potential members as well. I am looking forward to seeing Starfleet Command grow by leaps and bounds.

Captain Fred Monfeli, new Acting Deputy Chief of Public Affairs


Mid-Year report from ADM Tony Scott Chief of Financial Management


Crossword Puzzle Challenge
Brought to you by the CIT Dept

s r f f b e k i r k v t h e d o c t o r e d w s
w p w a s d g h j h j l n u m b e r o n e x a t
m u o e j c u l u s e d g t c h e k o v a z x o
a l m c a f m c c o y f d c h a k o t a y v y u
b a h o k n r e l k j h f s r y w e n i l j f d
c s d o e z v p a c Q c b t i s v s c o t t y r
d k y t u c k e r v e l k j s t y i k m n b x a
e i j d g c h a p e l w r d t p b r e n o g w s
a r c h e r z d f g s z o d o b t' p o l c a w z
f g l a s d f p h l o x z d p a o r i k e r m h
g j e r a n d x z i w g k k h l r e d i w a s a
h h n b s z d z o n o d e w e t m t w r a k l r
s i s k o y a r m t r e s c r b s n z a p d e r
i t f s d f t f g h f d g n p g f e f d f g t y
j g j h f h a g y t e d s h i d v b r h r d u k
g a r r i s o n w r u k f g k h r b j o j h g i
a m o w r t y u i k j v g f e d a s f s d r f m
r f m z c r u s h e r z o b f r t' a f h d e t s
a d f 7 o f 9 e f b r g b k t g l n y i v e d f
k g m n h t f j u l i a n x o' b r i e n m d d z


In the puzzle above there are at least 20 names of people, places or things from all the different versions of Star Trek. If you are up for the challenge, then you may click HERE for a version you can print off. Then, once you think that you have found them all, mail it to

Starfleet Command
P.O. Box 348
Anderson, IN 46015

The first entry received with all the correct answers, will receive a free SFCQ1 T Shirt from the Starfleet Command CafePress Store. Please include: your name, and a contact email or phone number in your entry.


Get to know your Admiralty Board.

This month we ask ADM Tim Shell, Chief of Command Staff

1. How/where, did you find out about Starfleet Command?

  I had found out about StarFleet Command when I went to my first Star Trek convention back in 1986.

2. What do you like most about Fandom?

  The Best thing about Fandom is the Friends that I have made over the years because of Star Trek.

3. What do you consider the best quality that you bring to SFC?

My dedication since I have been with SFC in the good times and the dark times and my commitment to the organization has never wavered.

4. What do you consider your favorite Trek series or character?

   I love The Original Series and Deep Space Nine.


News from the fleet

July 2nd - SB6 Patriot Project Turn-In at Inconjunction.


July 15-17- Fleet Camp-Out and the Dana Dougan Memorial Olympics.


July 23th - U.S.S. Halsey meeting and annual Bonfire with Fireworks at the Milhous place?



U.S.S. Endeavour takes 1st place in the Chesterfield, Indiana 4th of July Parade (Children's Division) with their Wizard of Oz entry


Mid-Year Meeting

Sorry for the quality of the video, it was shot spur of the moment on a digital camera. However, we thought that those that could not make it to the meeting, might find it interesting. Several new changes have been made.

 Since the files are a bit large, you might consider right clicking on the links and selecting Save As. Otherwise give them a second to start and please enjoy.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


Brought to you by the C.I.T. and the C.P.A. departments.




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