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Listen in as Deputy Fleet Commander Mark Williams discusses the recent changes to the Articles of Federation (AFED) with Fleet Commander James (Roy) Jackson

Deputy Fleet Commander Williams

Fleet Commander Jackson









Notes from the SFCQ1 Midyear Meeting held at July 2nd at InConJunction. My thanks to Staff Adjutant Mary Miller.


Midyear Notes



ADM Gary Barclay Chief Of Public Affairs

  Greetings and felicitations,

  Starfleet command has gone through some changes. We have made great efforts to make sure that our Star Trek fan club will be dynamic and growing. Your contributions in time and effort are appreciated. It is our goal to make everyone proud to be a part of Starfleet Command.

August conventions:

August 4-7 Gen Con Indy 2011 @

August 11 – 14 The Official STAR TREK Convention Las Vegas @

August 11 – 14 CHICAGO COMIC CON @

August 25-28 FanExpo Canada @




News from the Fleet:

USS Halsey - NCC 2868 now has a Facebook page:


We are the Flag Ship for the Commander-in-Chief of Starfleet Command, an international Star Trek fan club made up of science fiction aficionados. We meet monthly to discuss an endless variety of topics, upcoming events, etc. We believe in giving back to the communities we live in and the Vulcan ideal of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. This particular unit is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.


USS Proxysm:

Commanding Officer Sanford Barnes has been promoted to Lieutenant Commander.


USS Gorkon:

Activities:  The Gorkon canned good count is 489 for the SB6 canned good challenge.

 CDR Clara Trout & Capt Bryan Detamore have collected 42 coats and LTCDR Michael Hall has collected 8 coats for a total of 50 so far for the Gorkon collection for the Bob Gregory’s Coat’s for Kids project.  This breaks their total for last year and they are not done yet! 



Starbase 03 Report From Trek Fest
Fleet Captain James M. Olson

"Trek Fest 2011 (in Riverside, IA-ed.), started with a visit to the Voyage Home Museum, (Friday evening, June 24-ed.). This has been remodeled since last year, incorporating more of Riverside's history in the same room as the Trek memorabilia. I was hoping for new items to add to my collection, but the same key fobs and coffee mugs were there as before. Dinner was at the Shipyard Bar (aka Murphy's Bar & Grill, downtown Riverside-ed.) . Then a trip to the elementary school, where an astronomy club was showing different nebulae, planets and other celestial attractions.

We (Crewman Cichanowski attended with a friend, Pam, from Chicago-ed.) attended the trivia contest which was enjoyable. There were four rounds of four contestants being asked four questions. The final challenge of the winners from the first rounds vying for the grand prize of Scene-It Star Trek version.
Each contestant was asked to select their questions from four categories based on the difficulty of the questions, Cadet, Lieutenant, Captain and Admiral. The questions were tough, and answering wrong reduced their score by the amount of points for that category. All contestants were given small prizes for participating, the winners of the first rounds were given Trek Fest T-shirts.

"Saturday's parade (June 25-ed.), finished with the rain's beginning. There were several Trek themed floats, the traditional Horta entry (sans eggs this year).

Not as many people showed up in costume this year. Many people sought refuge in the basement of the little Red Barn (Shelter and entertainment venue of Riverside's River Park-ed.) after the parade trying to stay dry.

There was a delay in showing videos due to a lack of a cable, but people kept themselves entertained taking pictures... the 'red shirt' crewman, was 'killed' by the Original Series Klingon, with an Andorian trying to fend off the Klingon.

Once they were up and running, the crowd was entertained by 'The Trouble with Tribbles' episode. When that finished, it was time for the costume contest.

Contestants were asked where they got their costumes, and what their favorite episode was.
“The Andorian” won the Federation category, the TOS Klingon won the Supporting cast category, and a young Mr. Spock won the children's category. He had a very good Vulcan face during the contest. The young Uhura with the tribble was just darn cute!

A late lunch was consumed at the Shipyard Bar, a hot meal to warm the damp bones. The rain didn't clear up as hoped, and a light rain continued during the afternoon. (The crewman and her companion adjourned temporarily back to the hotel accommodations in Iowa City-ed.)

The event ended in the evening with the fireworks (by the Stumptown Shotters group of Washington, IA-ed.), which once again survived the episodes of rain. It was cool and breezy enough that the watchers did not become bug food. Back at the hotel, we watched Star Trek (2009). The announcer at the costume contest (on Friday night), made sure to thank" all sponsors and the attendees for keeping Trek Fest alive. It was a long list of sponsor names that was read, some local and some not. While attendance was down this year, there is hope that RACC will step up their game and make this event into what it can be in the future."



Get to know your Starbase 03 Commander, Fleet Captain James M. Olson


1. Why did you join Starfleet Command?

--I joined Starfleet Command for seeing how a Trekker having Fun, can be done right.

After having attended Starbase Indy through most of the early 2000s. The welcome I received as a representative from another Trek Fan Group at the time, led to fast friendships with several SFC Quadrant One Admiralty, including CinC FADM Mark Bischoff,  FADM Andy Sams,  ADM Tony Scott (one of the best singers in the Quadrant), and in particular, Admirals (to be) Gary "I am Spock" Barclay, Mark "I am Kirk" Williams, Roy Jackson, and the late ADM Dana Dugan. Barclay and Williams made the SBI's hilarious, enjoyable & a destination, not just "something to do" on Thanksgiving weekend.

Dana Dugan took the group that became the USS Lobo NCC-511, & myself, under her wing. The Admiral became our biggest cheerleader, schooling us on involvement, group interests, community service and guess what?-Fun...

In 2009 this inspiration at SBI resulted in the Starship Lobo's entire active roster going to SBI. As the then-CO, I had the further honor at the same event, of accepting the Best Small Ship, 3rd Place, on the chapter's behalf, capping off our first full year of operation.

2. What do you like most about Fandom?

--I like Trek fandom, even more than genre SF&F fans, in our consistency, dedication, and evergreen appeal; even when Star Wars, Harry Potter or even Twilight fans may keep the media amused as the fanboy "flavor of the moment," Trekkers are different. They, and Trekkies in general, know they're a breed apart--like the difference between DC (Genre fans) and  AC (Trek fans)--we light up in ways far different than others...

In particular, Starfleet Command Quadrant One represents what is the best potential in organized fans, focusing on the local chapter: the Station, Starship, or Starbase. Even at InCONjunction's Semi-annual Summit and the Annual Summit at Starbase Indy, national SFC events feel like one big family, and much good is done for food pantries, charities, & the US Marine Corps Reserve's Toys for Tots.

3. What do you consider your best quality that you bring to Starfleet Command?

--I'd like to think I bring a sense of adventure to Trek Fandom and SFC...Like ADM Dugan I want to continue encouraging fun, thinking outside the box for chapter events & activities, & acting as a resource for both the "business" and "Fictional" sides of a given chapter. Even the mightiest Federation Starship  operates only at the pleasure of fans who get something from what their doing--fun, keeping the "ooh and aah" in Star Trek.

4. What is your favorite Star Trek series and why?

--Star Trek: the Original Series. This show broke the mold on what has become the Expanded universe. The Trek milieu runs through many flavors: the films, TNG-era series, and the Reboot universe. But TOS was pure adventure. The Enterprise crew's voyages were set in the future, with people who "got it", who got along, had hope, and were together greater for the sums of their parts.

When asked what is the one Trek show I  make essential viewing, I recommend "The Immunity Syndrome"...The Space Amoeba show. Not the best show, but the most "right" show: The Trio friendship, the (kind of goofy) giant alien monster, the technobabble, the adventure--and the crew saving the day. No other show (except maybe Star Trek 11) got "it" so right.


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