Chief of Membership Services

photo-cms-vukobratovichMembership Services maintains Quadrant One’s membership database, processes membership applications, produces and mails duty orders and new member packets, creates commission certificates for new starships, provides reports as needed to Commanding Officers and the Admiralty Board, and other membership-related duties as required.

Membership Services works closely with Financial Management to verify payment of dues and with Starfleet Academy to confirm completion of any necessary Academy exams. A member’s personal information is kept confidential. Specific personal information fields are only released to those Fleet members who have a true “need to know.”

Admiral Danny Vukobratovich is Chief of Membership Services.  He has been involved in Starfleet Command since 2012.  He has been active with Trekkers Against Bullying and in varying levels of fleet service.  ADM Vukobratovich has been involved with Technology at varying levels since 2002.

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